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DIY Balloon Cake Topper Tutorial

DIY Balloon Cake Topper Tutorial

We love being able to help you create the most impactful insta-worthy and unique party decorations, with minimal effort. Our kits are ready for you to easily make your own, getting amazing results each and every time.

We use the best quality balloons in our kits, and you can expect your cake topper to last a few days, however, we recommend assembling as close to your party as possible. In under 15 minutes, you can have your cake topped with one of our balloon cake toppers.

Simply grab your kit, and a balloon pump to get started with our instructions below or by watching our video. 


Inflate your balloons 1-2 pumps with a hand pump, release some air to make them smaller. Tie balloons together in pairs. 


Leaving approx 15cm, using the ribbon tie a knot around the first pair of balloons.

Place the next pair of balloons tightly beside the first set, wrap the ribbon around them and slide to make sure they are a close fit. Repeat until you have your desired size cake topper.


Attach the glue dots to each straw, approx 1cm from the top of the straw. Wrap the ribbon closest to the balloons around the glue dot. Trim any excess ribbon. . 



Woohoo! Now your topper is ready to add to your cake!



If you would like your straws to be more in the middle of the garland, don't attach the straw and glue dot to the ribbon, instead place the straw with the glue dot where you would like the straw to be, glue dot will adhere to the balloons.

For a neater garland, you can carefully trim the circular ring off the bottom of the balloon necks after you have tied them into pairs.

To achieve a more rounded shape from the balloons, inflate with air and lightly press on a flat surface and release small amounts of air.

Rub the outside of confetti balloons with a soft dry cloth to create static for the confetti to stick. Confetti balloons will have a slight lustre effect as the balloons are not blown to their full size. 



How long before the party can I construct my balloon cake topper?

We do suggest constructing your garland on the day of the event as this is when the balloons are at their best. However you can construct your balloon cake topper a day before, just once constructed keep the topper indoors in a cool, dark place (away from direct sunlight) if possible before the event.

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