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About Us

Hi! I am Megan, founder of A Little Whimsy.

For as long as I can remember I have always loved to host events. Spending hours planning and researching everything from food to decor for elegant dinner parties to a fabulous Christmas Party or a gorgeous Baby Shower. When I was planning my wedding I realised just how much I always struggled to find unique items that were different from those in your traditional outlets. When I did manage to find something wonderful, there was a catch, such as needing to buy an entire carton when I only need a few. It’s then that I decided to put on my creativity hat and kicked off A Little Whimsy.

Now, I am sure you’re also curious to know the real me and what kind of person I am. I love the TV Show Friends. My favourite time of year is Christmas. I hate the cold (never been to the snow but want to go), I am lucky enough to live in sunny Hervey Bay, QLD.

A Little Whimsy is more than just me, I couldn’t do it without my family. My husband Andrew is my tech and fixes my computer, website and anything else I happened to break (He does have his work cut out for him). We have two beautiful boys (I named one of them after my fav character in Friends, can you guess which one?). My boys love to help and put the labels on outgoing parcels and when we receive stock they help me to unpack.

Since 2012 I have loved creating and handpicking our items to ensure we stock high quality, unique and beautiful products, that allow you to mix and match items to create your special look. We have party tableware, decorations, cake toppers, balloons and more, our range of stock is an ever-expanding selection. I am committed to alleviating the challenges of everyday entertaining by delivering high quality, unique party supplies directly to your door.

I look forward to seeing you be inspired by our selection and helping you to create unforgettable memories, share lovely gifts and have a beautiful event that you will treasure for many years.

Your support of our small business means so much, thank you.