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Environmental Responsibility

Environmental Responsibility

A Little Whimsy is a proud and active member of the Pro Environment Balloon Alliance (PEBA).

We look forward to delving into the details of latex balloons, answering some of the concerns around the use of latex balloons and our responsibilities to the environment.


What are Latex Balloons made from?

Latex balloons are not plastic. They are a plant-based product, made from natural rubber.  

Latex comes from the sap of a rubber tree, originating in Brazil. The natural latex sap is harvested by tapping into the bark of the tree and letting the sap drip into collection buckets. Once a tree can no longer produce sap it is harvested and turned into lumber. New trees are planted to replace those harvested.

Latex is a renewable resource and it can be continued to be renewed as long as we take care of it.  


The helium used to inflate balloons is not pure enough for medical or scientific use. It is a by-product gathered during the production of medical-grade helium. Instead of letting this resource go to waste, it is collected and recycled.  The sale of balloon helium offsets the costs of medical helium. 

Effects on the Enviroment

The joys of balloons are much loved across the world, no matter the occasion, there’s a balloon to match. 

However, when not disposed of correctly balloons can end up in waterways and oceans. Latex Balloons take time to degrade and will not degrade quickly enough to prevent posing a risk to wildlife.

The best ways to avoid balloons become litter is to keep your balloons tied securely to avoid release into the air and to dispose of balloons in the bin.

Our Latex Balloons

We are proud to use latex balloons that are sourced from rubber tree plantations that are Rainforest Alliance Certified.




Here at A Little Whimsy we are committed to the responsible use and disposal of balloons and do not support, or condone, nor facilitate the deliberate release of balloons. We promote the continued fun, responsible use and correct disposal of balloons.

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