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Get Ready to Battle Royale: Throwing the Ultimate Fortnite Party

Get Ready to Battle Royale: Throwing the Ultimate Fortnite Party

Are your kids obsessed with Fortnite? Want to throw a party that will make them feel like they're in the game? Look no further! We've put together a guide to throwing the ultimate Fortnite party that your kids and their friends will love.

First up, set up a Nerf gun arena to simulate the game's action-packed battles. You can use inflatable obstacles or create your own using cardboard boxes and paint.

Next, create a festive atmosphere with a balloon garland, balloon mosaic, and streamer backdrop. Check out our YouTube for tutorials on how to create these eye-catching decorations.

No party is complete without tasty treats! Check out our other blog post called "Fuel Up for Fortnite Fun: 6 Creative Food Ideas for Your Next Birthday Party" for some fun and easy-to-make food ideas, like V-buck chocolate coins, drop box popcorn boxes, and Shield potion jelly.

For dessert, the partygoers were treated to a delicious cake that was filled with M&M candies and decorated with a Fortnite Llama Pop Vinyl as a cake topper. The cake was a showstopper, with layers of moist cake and creamy frosting, and it was a perfect complement to the overall Fortnite theme of the party. The Llama Pop Vinyl on top of the cake was the perfect finishing touch. Additionally, the cake was also topped with our Tall Colour Block Lilac Cake Candles that added a fun and festive touch to the cake. The colourful candles were a great addition to the cake and added to the excitement and energy of the party. The candles were lit and the partygoers sang "Happy Birthday" to the guest of honour, making it a special moment that they will always remember. Overall, the cake was a big hit with everyone, and it was a great way to cap off a fantastic Fortnite-themed party.

For party favors, check out our other blog post "Fortnite Fun: Creating Custom Favor Boxes for Your Next Birthday Party" for ideas on creating customized favor boxes for your guests. Fill them with candy, small toys, and other goodies to make sure your guests leave happy.

Lastly, create a fun and unforgettable photo opportunity with a large cardboard llama that your guests can take pictures with. This DIY project is easy and affordable to make. First, gather a large cardboard box and cut out the shape of a llama. Once you have your llama cut out, paint it in bright and bold colors, such as pink, purple, and green, to make it stand out. Then, cut plastic tablecloth into strips and attach them to the llama's back to create a mane and tail. Your guests will love taking pictures with this fun and interactive decoration, and it will add to the overall festive atmosphere of the party.

Must have supplies

      1. White Treat Boxes with Handle
      2. Midnight Royale Balloon Garland Kit
      3. Midnight Royale DIY Balloon Mosaic Kit
      4. Fillable Cake Stand
      5. Blue & Silver Confetti Dots
      6. Tall Colour Block Candles Lilac
      7. Paper Tablecloth Black
      8. Balloon Tree Stand 

With these ideas, you'll be able to throw an epic Fortnite party that your kids and their friends will never forget!

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