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Paper Tablecloth Kraft

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Our new paper tablecloths are superior quality 40gsm embossed and water-resistant that is perfect for your next event. They are printed with food-safe inks and while they are still biodegradable & compostable, the ink covering means that they are best recycled with your normal paper recycling.

“FSC” means that the paper sourced to make these table covers are from sustainable forests, certified by the Forest Stewardship Council.

The plastic which wraps and protects our product are all recyclable.  They can be included with your “soft plastics” recycling program – in most states of Australia, soft plastics are returned to your local supermarket and sent to the REDcycle program to be given new life as products such as recycled plastic benches, decking & even becoming an asphalt additive to build new roads!

All the details
    • Size 250cm x 125cm
    • Made from Paper
    • Biodegradable
    • Recyclable
    • Food safe
    • Water-resistant
    • FSC certified