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Balloon Information

Balloon Information

We source the very best high-quality balloons used by professionals.

What type of balloons do you offer? 

Latex Balloons We are proud to use latex balloons. You can read more information on latex balloons here.
Foil Balloons Made from nylon and coated with a thin layer of aluminium foil. 


How long do helium balloons last? 

Many factors can affect the float times of balloons that have been filled with helium, including temperature changes and sunlight exposure. Float times can also be affected by confetti and heavy ribbon attachments due to their added weight.

Hi-Float can extend the float time of balloons, but can not be used in double-layered latex or confetti filled balloons. Hi-float is a liquid protective coating inserted into balloons to prevent helium from escaping as quickly.

Keeping your balloons at an even, comfortable room temperature is best. 

Balloon Type Approximate Lasting Time
Latex 30cm 8-12 hours
Latex 46cm 30+ hours
Latex 60cm 2-4 days
Latex 90cm 3-5 days
Latex 30cm with high float 24 hours
Foil Balloons 4+ Days 
Bubble Ballons 4-5 Days


How long do air-filled balloons last? 

In the right conditions, air-filled balloons will last weeks, however, balloons will naturally oxidise, creating that amazing matte look. Many factors can affect balloons lasting longer than others this includes temperature changes and sunlight exposure. We recommend assembling your balloon decorations as close to your party as possible, which is when the balloons are at their best.


How does the weather affect balloons?

Balloons will naturally oxidise which creates a matte appearance. Leaving balloons in the sun will speed up this process and cause them to fade and oxidise within hours.

Overexposure to the sun or extreme heat, including being left in cars or ceiling lights will pop them.

Cold air also affects helium balloons making the helium molecules move closer together, thus decreasing the volume inside the balloon causing the balloon to shrivel. Moving the balloon to a warmer place will loosen the helium and the balloon will expand and fill out again.

Storage of unused balloons should be in a cool, dark area in the packaging they came in.

How do I get confetti to stick to the sides of my balloon? 

To stop the confetti pooling in your balloon you need to create static. Simply rub the balloon with a dry cloth (your hand will also do), roll the balloon and watch the confetti stick.  

If you are filling the balloon with helium we recommend putting in a little bit of air. A good ratio is 20% air, 80% helium. 


How do I get my balloons to have a round shape?

Fully inflate the balloon, then while pressing the base on a flat surface release some air this will help minimise the teardrop shape.


What are double stuffed balloons? How do I inflate and tie them?

Double stuffed balloons are 2 balloons, with one inside the other. By stuffing 2 balloons together and creating layers it helps us create new and unique colours. 

Double stuffed balloons can be inflated as normal. 

Tying only the inside balloon is much easier. To assist with tying the double stuffed balloons stretch the neck of the inner balloon before tying. You can tie both balloons, however, tying the outer balloon is not necessary. 

Can I suck the helium out of a balloon and make my voice funny? 

We've nearly all done this once or twice before, but helium use is no laughing matter. Helium displaces the oxygen in your lungs and can be fatal. 


Can I refill a foil balloon?

Yes, most foil balloons can be refilled 2-3 times pending they have a self-sealing valve. 


What size balloons do you offer?

We offer a range of balloon sizes, and you can find the specific size mentioned in the product description. To help you choose the right size, please refer to the chart below, which provides a guide to our latex balloon sizes.

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